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**Please double-check your All State registration!!**

Make sure that you are signed up for the correct grade and correct voice part.

Email DW with requests for changes ASAP. Absolute and final deadline to request changes is Friday afternoon before break. This list will be submitted Saturday morning. Once submitted, students may not request change of voice part or name spelling.

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Week of Sept. 18

This week in vocal
**Don't forget that concert music MUST come in after the concert**  You will have a zero for the concert until your music comes in!! If you're absent Monday, you may bring it Tuesday for full credit.  If you're present on Monday but forget your music, you will lose 5 points of your concert grade each day until your music is turned in. If you lost your music, each copy is $2 (cash only please!)

Our sched this week (subject to change, particularly Monday & Tuesday while some seniors are taping their pre-screens!) 
Monday: Music turn-in, concert wrap-up, time to practice scales individually Tuesday: SCALE CHECK OFF. FOR A GRADE. IN FRONT OF YOUR CLASSMATES.  Wednesday: Sight-reading practice Thursday: Groups! (Alpacas --> Piano & Musicianship; Badgers --> Theory & Piano; Caribou --> Musicianship & Theory) Friday: Groups! (Alpacas --> Theory; Badgers --> Musicianship; Caribou --> Piano)

Monday: Monday: Music turn-in, concert…

Week of Sept. 11

Flag challenge for the week:
I had many correct answers for this week's flag challenge but the first to get to me were Pods 10, 18, 5 (in that order)!

School will be closed for all students and faculty Monday and Tuesday. We are still planning our concert for Friday, as scheduled. Stay tuned for updated repertoire adjustments and rehearsal schedule. 
And, in the meantime, make sure you have yourself together for Friday's concert:  Standard Concert Attire: Women: black top that covers (at least) your upper arms (it may be long-sleeved or 3/4), black pants, black flat shoes. Men: black dress shirt with a collar, black slacks, black socks, black dress shoes.
And speaking of attire... To illustrate our theme for this concert, we would like to open up the attire requirement a little bit. We know that many of you (or your parents) might have some traditional attire from another country that you might be interested in wearing on this concert. If so, please check with your p…

Week of Sept. 5

Name the flag!!
First 3 pods to have members who email me, 5 pod points!!

This week in vocal!
Hey! We have a concert next week!! Friday September 15! Do you have your concert attire yet?

Women: black flat shoes, black dress pants, a black top that covers your shoulders and upper arms.
Men: Black shoes, black socks, black dress pants, black shirt with a collar. Black tie optional.

Note: we will not wear robes for this concert but this is what we'll wear under robes when we have them for later concerts (concert black).

On  Monday - Happy Labor Day - enjoy your day and hope you're able to get some rest and catch up on some work (in that order)!


Alpacas: Piano Badgers: Theory Caribou: Musicianship ________________ Alpacas: Musicianship Badgers: Piano Caribou: Theory Wednesday:

Rehearsal Thursday:

Alpacas: Theory
Badgers: Musicianship Caribou: Piano _____________ Alpacas: Piano Badgers: Theory Caribou: Musicianship Friday:
Alpacas: Musicianship Badgers: Piano Caribou: Theory ____________ Alp…

Week of Aug. 28

ID the country this flag is from!!! First 3 people to email me will earn extra pod points!

This week in Vocal! Our schedule is a little funny because of a shortened day on Wednesday and the Phoenix Retreat on Friday. Though we may have to adjust as we go through each day, here's our plan for the week:

VC1 - you'll have 2 full group rotations & some rehearsal

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayAlpacas: Piano Badgers: Theory Caribou: Musicianship ________________
Alpacas: Musicianship Badgers: Piano Caribou: Theory Alpacas: Theory

Badgers: Musicianship
Caribou: Piano _____________
Alpacas: Piano