Saturday, March 25, 2017

Week of March 27

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before" ~ Leonard Bernstein

Spring concert is a-comin' and we're making GREAT strides towards being ready. Still have a long way to go so rehearsals during the first part of this week are super important. All hands on deck - we need all personnel in all classes so that we can finalize all of the details before we break. If you're going to miss a rehearsal, please communicate with me so that I know about it ahead of time!!

Documents to review for spring concert:
**THERE WILL BE A DRESS REHEARSAL ON MONDAY 4/17 UNTIL 6:30pm!! Plan accordingly!!**

Repertoire list (including soloists & what's memorized!)

Working run order

Names for T-shirt
*make sure your name is included, starred (seniors), spelled correctly, etc. Pls EMAIL corrections to DW by WEDNESDAY!!

Tentative rehearsal plan for this week:

VC 1: Monday: a little writing assignment (graded!) to follow up on your viewing of Amadeus. Then in rehearsals this week Double Trouble & Chichester!

Monday: Whitacre
Tuesday: Copland, Chichester II
Wednesday: Battle of Jericho. Then (if time) First Midnight & Flintstones for each other.
Thursday: The Game (men), Sigh no More Ladies (some women)
Friday: Recital prep, quiz for Loewe, other rep as necessary.

Monday: Come Spirit
Tuesday: Zion's Walls, Tundra, Seize the Day
Wednesday: As needed rehearsals
Thursday: Stay tuned
Friday: Stay tuned

Monday: Father William
Tuesday: Ellington
Wednesday: Chichester as needed
Thursday: stay tuned
Friday: stay tuned

Monday: Chichester III
Tuesday: Sweet Charity
Wednesday: Sweet Charity
Thursday: stay tuned
Friday: stay tuned

Minors are welcome to attend rehearsals (but not required) on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday of this week for extra rehearsals on Chichester.
Monday: Chichester
Tuesday: Chichester (w/ soloists)
Wednesday: Chichester straight run
Thursday: Tradition
Friday: TBD

But wait... Where is DW going to be at the end of this week?

Click here to find out more about the ASO trip to D.C. to perform at the Kennedy Center!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week of March 20


This week we'll wrap up juries and continue with concert preparations.

Reminders (same as last week):
How is my jury being graded?

What day is my jury again?
**Don't forget that audition attire is requested for ALL juries!!**

Looking ahead:
For the spring concert, everyone will need concert black attire. 
Ladies: Black PANTS, black flat shoes, dressy black top that goes to the elbow. Jazz pants and leotards are ok. 
Men: black slacks, black collared shirt (VC men may wear a black polo), black dress shoes and socks. 

Spring Concert Rep List (subject to change!)

***We need to finalize all soloists for Chichester THIS WEEK. If there is a solo in Chichester that you are interested in and have not sung it for me yet, you should EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY.***
(Tundra & Father William solos will happen this week - see below!!)

Rehearsal schedules (also subject to change) for this week:

VC1: Chichester I & III, Double Trouble
VC4: Chichester I & III, Rhythm of Life

Chamber (slight change from last week to accommodate Dance Festival absences) 
Monday: Chichester & Whitacre
Tuesday: Juries/Recital Prep/Individual work on Whitacre & Chichester
Wednesday: First Midnight & Flintstones. Since we're on a limited timeframe, we need all First Midnight personnel for this rehearsal! If you're not able to attend this rehearsal, we may re-assign your lines!
Thursday: Loewe piano/theory & Lerner/Phoenix lesson on Considering Matthew Shepherd
Friday: Recital preps

Monday: Juries/Come Spirit Come Charm
Tuesday: Juries/Chichester
Wednesday: Tundra/Seize the Day --> solo auditions for Tundra!
Thursday: Come Spirit (staging?)
Friday: Tundra/Seize the Day

Monday: (VC4 juries)/Chichester
Tuesday: (jrs) Juries
Wednesday: Tundra & Father William --> solo auditions for Tundra!
Thursday: TBD (review Tundra & Father William?)
Friday: Ellington (staging?)

5th Period
Monday: Chichester III w/ quartet callbacks
Tuesday: Tradition
Wednesday: Let the River & Tradition
Thursday: Chichester II & Tundra
Friday: TBD

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week of March 13


BEFORE YOUR JURY, you must fill out this form, letting us know your plans for next year. It's due for everyone Thursday by midnight. If you're jurying on Wednesday (VC), fill it out BEFORE your jury!!

*If you don't submit the form on time, points may be deducted from your jury score*

How is my jury being graded?

What day is my jury again?
**Don't forget that audition attire is requested for ALL juries!!**

In addition to juries, all rehearsals will continue this week on spring concert preparations.

Chamber-specific schedule:
Monday - continued lesson on Rite of Spring for Lerner/Phoenix; Theory & Piano for Loewe
Tuesday - Come Spirit & Flintstones
Wednesday: Whitacre, Copland, Bernstein refreshers
Thursday - YES we WILL have rehearsal while those Damn Yankees are gone!! I have a little somethin' for ya...
Friday - recital/jury prep

Friday, March 3, 2017

Week of March 6

"Mozart is all music; there is nothing you can ask from music that he cannot supply." ~ Leonard Bernstein (1959)

Those of you who sang Regina Coeli last year or Requiem 3 years ago... wouldn't you agree?!

But now it's time to look forward...

Juries are coming! 

And this week: 

VC1 & 4
Jury prep & rehearsals on Chichester III

*Recital binders are due to your pianists this week! Get with your pianists soon to finalize your program and get your binder together!*
Updated weekly sched (Tuesday we'll rehearse Come Spirit/Flintstones)

Jury prep!!
Rehearsals on Chichester II, III, Tundra & Seize the Day

Jury prep!
Rehearsals on Chichester II, III, Tundra & Ellington's "It Don't Mean a Thing"


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week of Feb. 27

Welcome back!!

...and we hit the ground running since we have LGPE on Thursday. Get ready!!!

All classes will be reviewing and preparing for LGPE all week.

On Thursday, you will attend 1st, 2nd & 3rd block, then report directly to the vocal room for 4th block, put on your robes and get on the buses. You MUST be dressed and ready to go before reporting to the vocal room.

Minors please come to 5th Monday - Wednesday of this week in preparation for LGPE. 

Reminders from your LGPE contract:

Attendance at LGPE is mandatory for ALL VOCAL STUDENTS
Like all of our performances, LGPE will count as a concert grade. See below for details about this performance.

When are the performances? And who’s performing?
Chorale performs at 4:00pm. Chamber Chorus performs 6:40pm. Both performances are free and open to the public. We encourage parents to attend!

How do we get to Lassiter?
We will take buses from Pebblebrook to Lassiter at 2pm on March 2. All students MUST ride the buses. Due to limited parking at Lassiter, students may NOT drive their own cars.

How do we get home?
We highly encourage students to get picked up from Lassiter following their performance.     
Lassiter pick up for Repertory Choruses & Vocal Concentration: between 5:30 & 7:00 pm
               Lassiter pick up for Chamber Chorus: 7:30 pm (sharp!!)
We have a limited number of spaces on a bus that will return to Pebblebrook – you may request a spot on this bus below but we MUST have your request by Feb. 17!! Pick up from Pebblebrook will be at approximately 8:30 (we will call when we’re departing Lassiter). 

Will I miss class?
Yes, students will miss 4th block on March 2. This will be an excused absence since it is a field trip and will not count against exam exemption.

How am I being graded?
This is a standard concert etiquette grade, based on punctuality, proper attire and etiquette. For specifics, consult your class syllabus (located on Dr. Woolf’s blog).

What do I wear?
Standard concert attire:
                  Men: White collared shirt, tie, black dress pants, black socks, black shoes
                  Women: Dress or dressy slacks, which can be rolled up, black flat shoes. No jewelry, hair out of face.

This is cut and pasted from your LGPE contract. If you did NOT return your contract by the deadline before break, you have a zero (incomplete) in the gradebook for last week's rehearsal etiquette. As soon as you turn in your form, that grade will be restored. Note that forms turned in later than Monday could also impact your LGPE etiquette grade.