VC1 & VC4 Final Review!

For your final exam you'll need to know the following:

Take me to Saniyah’s quizlet!

From your history unit:

Definitions of all genres from your study guideTime periods in orderDifference between genre & time periodWhen was the piano invented?
From your IPA unit:  5 Latin vowel symbols: [a] [ɛ] [i] [ɔ] [u][o][I]Consonants: [ʃ] [tʃ] [ʒ] [dʒ] + consonants that look like their letterWhich of the above consonant sounds do NOT exist in Italian? (hint: only 1...)Voiced vs. unvoiced consonantsIPA Study tool (game from earlier in the semester)
From your Vocabulary Unit: All vocal terms from your quiz + how to spell themLink to the recordings you made of the jingles!

RC3 Final Reviewsies!!

Hey RC3!! Here are some tools to help you review for the final!!

Slide up (Mi's Version)

Slide up (Re's Version)

Slide up (Do's Version)

Sophie's Quizlet

Vocab Review!

Here is the list of vocabulary you're responsible for for your quiz on Monday (the * are the ones you have to SPELL correctly!)

Can't remember the jingles that help you remember the definitions? Here's a link to recordings (thanks, VC4!)
NOTE: you don't *have* to memorize these jingles. They're just a tool to help you memorize the spelling & definitions of the words.

Did you miss class one day? Make sure you the notes from a classmate!! You're still responsible for ALL of these words!!

Tempo Terms
*A Tempo

Dynamic Terms

Articulation Terms

Qualifiers/Modifers to the above terms

Additional Terms
Collaborative Pianist

Also (VC4 only):
Hard Palate
Soft Palate

**I might ask you some bonus questions from your history or IPA units, in preparati…

VC Music History Review!

VC - here are the pieces I've been playing for you in class. Use this guide to help you prepare for your quiz Friday.

Medieval Time Period (400 - 1400ish) Notable composer: Hildegard Genre: Chant Notable Characteristics: A Cappella (no instruments)Usually in Latin Sung in unison choir (no harmonies) or soloistVery flow-y, no noticeable rhythm or pulse.  Dies Irae chant: 

O Rubor Sanguinis by Hildegard:

Another example of chant: 

Renaissance Time Period
(1400 - 1600ish)
Notable composer: Palestrina
Genres: Motet, Madrigal
Notable Characteristics: A cappellaHarmonies!Rhythm is present but still very subtle. Motets have sacred text, madrigals have secular text
Sicut Cervus by Palestrina (Motet)

Almighty and Everlasting God by Gibbons (Motet)

The Silver Swan by Gibbons (Madrigal)

Fire, Fire by Morley (Madrigal)

If Ye Loved Me by Tallis (Motet)

Baroque Time Period (14600 - 1750ish)

Notable composer: Handel, Bach
Genres: Opera, Oratorio
Notable Characteristics:

Instruments!Story-telling throu…

Chamber Chorus History Presentations

IPA and other tools for concert rep!

Edited copy of Angel Band for Chamber

Chamber Chorus #goals for sectionals on 1/24 & 1/25

IPA for Brahms (Chamber chorus)

IPA for Rachmaninoff
(WRITE THIS IPA INTO YOUR SCORE!! I advise writing the IPA underneath the Russian text, word by word)


Music History Nuggets!

If you're looking for the vocal department blog click here


Here's the link to the website we saw in class about Medieval instruments:

And here's the video illustrating the difference between a harpsichord and piano: