Hey!! You made it!!! Congrats!!!

We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, healthy, happy, productive summer.

Placement lists & calendar will come out in Late June/Early July... but until then, we wanted to give you some info about the workshop concert, which will be in late August. It should be after all of us have returned to school following summer programs.

In keeping with tradition, we will invite students to audition to perform a solo on the workshop concert, based on the following criteria:

Auditions are open to (rising) juniors & seniors only. You MUST have participated in vocal study over the summer - either through a legitimate summer intensive or voice lessons. Participating in a show over the summer does NOT count as summer study for the purposes of auditioning for the Workshop Concert (though summer shows ARE great experiences and we encourage you to participate in one if you can!)The song should be something that you work on over the summer. That's the point - w…