Week of Feb. 12 - Soiree & All State & Checkoff - OH MY!!!

It's a big week in the Vocal Department!!
Tuesday, Feb 13:  Senior Soiree!

Soiree is at 7:30 in the Black Box. Tickets ($5, at door) will be sold starting at 6pm. Srs receive TWO (2) comp tickets/saved seats for family/friends ~ additional tickets may be purchased on the night of the performance. Additional seats may NOT be saved. Encourage families to get there early!
Wednesday, Feb. 14: LGPE Music Memorization Deadline!!

If you've been out of class over the last week OR if you just need some extra resources for your at-home practice, check out the Spotify playlist I've created to help you study your music! 

Thursday, Feb 15:  All State Chorus!

Forms & Fees due TUESDAY to Dr. Woolf. Email with any questions.
Those NOT going to All State will have an alternate assignment in classes on Thursday & Friday. 
Don't forget!! After break ~ LGPE is MARCH 1!

Week of Feb. 5

Congratulations to the SISTER ACT cast and crew on a fantastic show!!! Well done!! 

And now on to the next!!

Upcoming dates
Feb. 12 - SENIORS - Soiree dress rehearsal until 7pm or whenever we finish! (For those who are interested the run order for Soiree is posted on the Sr Page of this blog!)
Feb. 13: SENIOR SOIREE in the black box!! Ticket info to come.
Feb. 15 - 17: ALL STATE in Athens. Trip details and prices to come.
March 1 - LGPE at Lassiter HS into the evening.

This week in Vocal
Monday: IPA QUIZ, then rehearsal
Tuesday: Groups (in my groups we'll be learning about diphthongs and glide vowels!)
Doves: Piano Egrets: Musicianship Finches: Theory Gulls: Rep Prep THEN Doves: Theory Egrets: Rep Prep Finches: Musicianship
Gulls: Piano Wednesday: LGPE Rehearsal (Beethoven)
Thursday: LGPE Rehearsal (Ngana) 
Friday: Black History Program

Postponed to Next Monday or Tuesday: 
Groups (in my groups we'll be learning about diphthongs and glide vowels!) 
Doves: Musicianship Egrets: Piano Finches: Re…

Week of Jan. 29

Seniors!!! Time to submit your bios for the Soiree printed program!! Due FRIDAY FEB 2 by 4:30pm!!!
Also - SENIORS - if you have an idea for the piece that you'll at for the finale of Soiree, email that suggestion to DW by FRIDAY. You'll then vote on the choices and begin working it next week.

Take me to the bio form
Upcoming dates to note: Feb. 1 - 4: Sister Act @ Cobb Civic Center Feb. 9: Sister Act recital credits due by 4:30 pm Feb. 9: Black History Program (in school. NOT a recital credit option!) Feb. 12: Senior Soiree dress rehearsal (seniors only!!) Feb. 13: Senior Soiree in the Black Box! $5 admission.
March 1 - LGPE at Lassiter High School (Chorale will be finished by 6pm. Chamber will be finished by 7:45pm).
This Week in Vocal
VC1 Monday: LGPE Rehearsal Tuesday: 2 groups
Doves: Piano
Egrets: Musicianship Finches: Theory Gulls: Rep Prep THEN Doves: Theory Egrets: Rep Prep
Finches: Musicianship Gulls: Piano Wednesday: LGPE Rehearsal

Thursday: UPDATE: Thursday morning will bring an LGPE rep…

Week of Jan. 22

All state! Monday night!! Kell HS!

Remember that if you do NOT make a 70 or above on this second audition, you must reimburse PAPA for the $20 audition fee. That's due to Dr. Woolf asap.

Coming up this week:

In musicianship this week we're continuing IPA. Be ready for a [kwIz] any day...
Monday: LGPE rehearsal, then groups.
Tuesday: LGPE rehearsal, then groups.
Wednesday: Rehearsal
Thursday: Rehearsal, then groups (this will start your second group cycle. Oy. Snow! ❄️đŸ¤—)
Friday: Rehearsal

Monday: Senior Soiree Hearings for Butts, Cass, Bliss, Captino, Eckenfels, Kessloff, Kirbas, Lima, McCollum, Miles, Reese, Primous, Pryor, Yarbrough-Saxon
*Don't forget that we want to see your proposed performance attire at your hearing (including shoes! Not including jewelry/hair/makeup). *
Jrs will sit in on hearings --> take notes!!
Tuesday: LGPE Rep Rehearsal
Wednesday: Senior Soiree Hearings for Brown/Casaleno/Gamble/Ukwuoma,  Crowe/Moffatt, Bailey/Tally, McPherson, Stevens…

Week of Jan. 8... no, wait.. Jan. 9! :)

A small thought for this week as we press into a new semester...

From Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:

"Come, my friends,
'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order smite The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the western stars, until I die. ...and tho' we are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Upcoming dates to note:
WEDNESDAY (1/10) until 6pm: All State Rehearsals!! Be there or be... unprepared.... ;-)
Senior Soiree: Feb. 13 (all are invited to attend!!)
LGPE: March 1 OR 2 - remember to save both of these two dates until we know which one we'll be scheduled on. We're frequently scheduled in the evening so do NOT plan anything before 8pm these nights until further notice!!

This w…

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back!!!

We're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, January 4 and we will jump into the spring semester!!

As an overview, here is generally what we've got going on this semester:

ALL STATE final auditions on January 19 @ Sprayberry (specific times TBD). Yes, this grade goes in your gradebook just like the first one!Preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluation on March 1 or 2 at Lassiter High School (FYI we are often LAST on the program for LGPE which means we could be scheduled in the evening, as late as 7pm. PLAN AHEAD!!)Resumed Piano/Theory and Musicianship groups in VC and RC3.An additional group rotation for audition and repertoire preparation for VC.SENIOR SOIRÉE!! Mark your calendars! SoirĂ©e is on February 13 in the Black Box. $5. Recital credit!! More details and a specific schedule are forthcoming. For now... feast your ears on our LGPE Chorale Repertoire!