Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week of Dec. 5

"There's a birthday party at the home of Doctor Woolf..." 😉

Concert run order

Rehearsals this week: Please be there. Every day.  With music, pencils,  and all of the energy and focus you can muster! If you have absolutely unavoidable absence, check back to see what you what missed. I'll update at the end of every day. As you learn about EOC testing that you might have this week that could conflict with rehearsals, please let DW know immediately.

Check your names on the concert roster (listed on each individual class page) - email DW w/ changes by Sunday evening!!

Don't forget concert attire on Friday!!

Women: black shoes (preferably flats!), something dressy under your robe (that can not be seen beneath the robe!), hair out of face, no jewelry, tasteful makeup. 

Men: Black dress shoes, socks, black dress pants, white collared shirt, colored tie. 

Phoenix also needs Dickens costumes
Women: character shoes, tank tops/leotards, hair in low bun, makeup.
Men: dress shoes, white shirts.

Rehearsal plans:


Standing positions, transitions
Sleighride, Light the Legend

Review Legend, Sleighride, Hallelujah numbers
Review all rep
Hallelujah w/ Mr. T
Rehearsal in theater. 

Men: Bethelehemu

Standing positions & transitions

Hiney Mah Tov
O Mag
Love Came
PHX: Snow

L & L:
Memorize Bells, S'vivon, Rose
Rehearsal as needed
Rehearsal in theater. 

Men: Bethelehemu


Hiney mah tov

Standing positions and transitions
Travelin' Thru

Women: Ceremony
Rehearsal as needed.
Dress rehearsal in theater. 

(memorize chant!!)

Hiney mah tov
7 Principles

7 Principles
Hiney mah tov
Standing positions & transitions

Rehearsal as needed
Dress rehearsal in theater

Men: Bethelehemu (ens rm)

CC Women:
Auld Lang Syne (theater lobby)

VC/RC sops & altos:
Sleighride, Hallelujah
(vocal rm)

Tutti to the vocal room.

Hiney mah tov, Light the Legend
Run through of 2nd half of concert in THEATER! Be in your seat by 3:40. 

VC women will be released at 5:30. 

CC, RC, VC men will be released at 6:30. 
Tutti to the vocal room.

Dress rehearsal. Be in your seat, dressed, in the theater by 3:40.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week of Nov. 28

Here we go!

As concert week approaches, a few reminders:
  • Dress rehearsal for concert on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Please hold 3:30 - 6:30 but know that we may adjust that schedule so that not all are called for the full time. Full schedule will be posted by the end of the week. 
  • Full list of concert repertoire is here: Working run order is at the end of the list. 
  • Make sure you still have access to full concert attire. Men: Black dress pants, socks, shoes, white shirt w/ a collar, & tie. For this concert if you have a red, green or blue tie, please wear it to celebrate the December holidays! Women: Something dressy under your robe (no specific color but, again, we prefer solid colors to prints). Black shoes (preferably flats). Hair out of face, no jewelry
  • Phoenix: Dickens costumes (including your own garments as necessary). 
  • RC & CC will perform with black folders. You will receive your folders at dress rehearsal on Dec. 9
  • Tickets are selling fast for the holiday concert! Make sure your family gets their tickets soon!
  • There is a reception in the Betty Grey Atrium following the performance. 
This week's rehearsal schedule
(I'll update this each day so if you miss a day of school, make sure you stay on top of what you've missed!)

Monday: Light the Legend (mm. 5 - 9, 23 - 27, 41 - 43)
Tuesday: Light the Legend (above + 10 - 14, 28 - 32)
Wednesday: Light the Legend (above + 15 - 22, 33 - 40), Sleighride
Thursday: Light the Legend, Sleighride
Friday: Sleighride

Monday: Has everyone finished their piano scales? Women: There is No Rose/Men: Bethelehemu
Tuesday: Phoenix: Carols; Lerner & Loewe: Lo How a Rose, Carol of the Bells, O Magnum
Wednesday: Women: Auld Lang Syne/Men: Three Kings
Thursday: Phoenix: Carols; Lerner & Loewe: Lo How a Rose, Carol of the Bells, O Magnum
Friday: O Mag, Hodie, PHX performs caroling set for Sunday. 

Monday: Men: Bethelemu, Travelin' Thru/ Women: Wolcum Yole, Deo Gracias
Tuesday: Ocho Kandelikas, Sleighride
Wednesday: Sleighride
Thursday: Men: Travelin' Thru/Women: Wolcum, Deo 
Friday: Then Ocho Kandelikas complete, Hiney ma tov

Monday: Seven Principles
Tuesday: Chant, Deo Gracias
Wednesday: Chant, Balu
Thursday: Chant, Deo Gracias  (AM section)
Friday: Chant, As Dew, Balu/As Dew transition

Monday: Sleighride
Tuesday: Sleighride
Wednesday: Sleighride
Thursday: Sleighride
Friday: TBD. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Congratulations to our soloists for the Winter Concert!

Jennifer Higdon: Love Came Down
Morgan Brady, Soprano

Benjamin Britten: A Ceremony of Carols
That Yonge Child
Dayela Lima, Mezzo-Soprano
Cover: Chisom Ukwuoma

Nyla Swain, Soprano
Cover: Chisom Ukwuoma

In Freezing Winter
Grace Thompson, Mezzo-Soprano
Cover: Morgan Brady

Spring Carol
Jessica Reese, Soprano & Nakymbria Stewart, Mezzo-Soprano
Covers: Kiara King & Courtney Anderson

Other solos still to be determined in:
Bethelemu (men’s chorus)
Travelin’ Thru (RC men)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Week of Nov. 14

Two thoughts as we get back to work this week:

"This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair. No place for self-pity. No need for silence. No room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal." ~ Toni Morrison

"...For music and singing have been my refuge. And music and singing shall be my light." ~ Frank Tichelli

**Don't forget about an added dress rehearsal for our holiday concert on Dec. 7!** Exact schedule will be announced at least one week before the rehearsal - for now, everyone please hold 3:30 - 6:30 for rehearsal.

See below for tentative rehearsal schedule for this week (as always, subject to change!) Note that this week we're finishing up groups for the semester - when we're back from break, we'll be in full-court-press-concert-prep-mode.

**Reminder that RC/CC sops and altos who are interested in auditioning for solos on Love Came Down (CC) or Ceremony (RC/CC), you must prep those on your own and schedule an audition w/ me outside of class time. Email me ASAP - we need to settle those this week so that the soloists can memorize over Thanksgiving break. Details, recordings and scores are available on your individual class pages.

VC1 & VC4
Monday: Rehearsal on Hallelujah.
Tuesday: Groups
Wednesday: Rehearsal on Hallelujah
Thursday: Extra lesson w/ DW or Hallelujah rehearsal
Friday: Quiz on tetrachords

Monday: Men's rehearsal on Bethlemu; Women's rehearsal on Freezing Winter
Tuesday: Rehearsal on Hodie
Wednesday: Video, rehearsal on Hodie, O Magnum
Thursday: Men's rehearsal on 3 Kings; Women's rehearsal on Freezing Winter
Friday: Rehearsal TBD

Monday: Rehearsal on Hallelujah, Hiney mah tov
Tuesday - Thursday: Rehearsal on Travelin' Thru (tenors/basses)/Wolcum Yole, Little Babe (sops/altos), then groups
Friday: Quiz/Rehearsal TBD

Monday: Rehearsal on Chorale Rep/Research projects for holiday concert.
Tuesday: Rehearsal on As Dew, Seven Principles
Wednesday: Rehearsal on Deo, Balulalow, Chant
Thursday: Groups
Friday: TBD

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week of Nov. 7

Congratulations to all who were involved in SHOWCASE 2016! It was great!!!

Good luck to our GHP nominees who are auditioning/interviewing last week (academics) and this week (performing arts)!

*Don't forget that you don't have school on Tuesday!*

And, of course, don't forget...


It's finally here!!

Some reminders for your audition next Saturday:

  • Arrive early
  • Make sure you have a ride lined up!
  • There will be a LOT of waiting once you get to Woodland HS. Be patient. 
  • Dress up but do not wear Pebblebrook or CCCEPA clothing 
  • You will NOT be allowed to bring your cell phone with you on the audition hall. Let your parents and friends know that they will NOT be able to reach you!
In class all week we'll be continuing to put those final touches on your solo, practicing your sightreading and tightening up your scales.

VC1 & 4
Bring your Hallelujah Chorus & a pencil to class each day because we'll get some work in in addition to continuing work on solo, scales and sightreading.

Masterclass with Reinhardt College on Monday.
Tuesday: Off during the day. Silent Night field trip. Please be at the Cobb Energy Center by 7pm!
Wednesday: Men's/Women's rehearsal (Women don't forget to bring Ceremony of Carols with you! We haven't worked it in awhile so make sure you still have that score handy!)
Thursday: PHX will have groups; Lerner & Loewe will brush up on All State.
Friday: rehearsal and/or All State prep TBD.

Monday: Rehearsal
Tuesday: NO SCHOOL! Rest. Vote. Catch up on homework.
Wednesday & Thursday: Groups!
Friday: rehearsal/all state prep.

Monday & Wednesday: All State prep/rehearsal.
Tuesday: NO SCHOOL!
Thursday: Groups!
Friday: rehearsal/all state prep.