Week of April 16 - CONCERT TIME!

Just a few images I found online to help us get our heads in the game for Tuesday's concert:(concert reminders at the bottom of the page)

"Alone in the night on a dark hill..." & "This is the song of the stars..."
"BUT she always ran away and left..."
"She stood so fair amid the corn..."
"Over my head, I hear music in the air..."

"Don't you want to..."

"I can give you roots. I can give you wings.  But only YOU can know when to fly..."

"You take the high road and I'll take the low road..."
"What about us...?"

And just so we remember why we're putting in all of this work...

Don't forget!FOCUS during rehearsals on Monday & Tuesday so that we can let loose during performance! Encourage your family to get their tickets NOW so that they're not disappointed on Tuesday!! Link to Box OfficeRun Order(note updated plan for Hallelujah

Week of April 9 - Pre-concert week!!

Hey ya'll!! Hope you had a great spring break!!!

...And now we press onward... toward CONCERT TIME!!!

Our concert is on Tuesday, April 17 at 7:30pm. Tickets will be on sale soon!

Working Run Order (click to the second tab to see the breakdown by classes)

**SHIRTS!!!** We are putting in an order for spring concert shirts!! And in order to get them by concert time, we've got to move FAST. To place an order for a specific size, bring money to DW on Monday, April 9 (the Monday after break!). Shirts are $10 each - we take cash, checks (to PAPA) and PAPA accounts.

Note: the sizing on these shirts initially run BIG but shrink quite a bit in the wash. Consider that when ordering your size!

Nope, you don't get to know the design of the shirt before ordering. Ya gotta go on blind faith. And trust that DW wouldn't ask you to wear a shirt that she wouldn't wear herself... ;-)

Monday, April 16 (after school)
SOIREE SOLOISTS for the concert plan to rehearse in the theater. This wi…

Week of March 26

Almost there! 5 days until Spring Break!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Dayela, Marcus, Rayven, Carter, Cayla, Tassy, Shelby, Jessica, Taijah & Diane (and their guest performers) on excellent recitals this weekend!! Well done!!!

Don't forget that RECITAL CREDITS for Sr Recitals are due FRIDAY March 31 by 4:30pm - BEFORE SPRING BREAK.

This Week in Vocal
If you are serving ISS this week, here is your makeup assignment.

Several reminders while you're serving ISS:

Use the time well to get work done (including the research mentioned above!)We're still rehearsing in class and the concert is the week after spring break!! Please take a few minutes to review your music!Check back to the blog or with classmates at the end of each day to make sure you keep up with what you miss.ISS ends at 3:30 and you're still expected in 5th block!!
VC1 rehearsal plan this week
Monday: Written Jury
Tuesday: Famine Song "oo"s in the middle section + Roots & Wings/Silvy
Wednesday: Famine Song r…

Week of March 19 - JURIES!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the cast & crew of Murder on the Nile!! What a great show!!!!
Don't forget that recital credits for Nile are due to Ms. White by Friday March 23 by 4:15pm.

What's next??
March 24 @ 2pm: Marcus, Dayela & Rayven's Senior Recital
March 25 @ 3pm: Tassy, Carter & Cayla's Senior Recital
March 25 @ 5pm: Jessica Reese, Taijah, Shelby & Diane's Senior Recital
April 2 - 6: SPRING BREAK
April 17: Spring Vocal Concert: It's Elemental!

***DON'T FORGET!!!! If you're planning to go to prom on Friday, make sure you turn in your checkout form by MONDAY and Srs must have graduation contracts in by WEDNESDAY.***

This week in vocal
ALL CLASSES Monday: JURIES. Bring your phone (charged, with at least a little bit of storage space!) and your brain and your sightreading game face. Performance attire is not required but we're always advocates of a "Dress Well, Test Well" philosophy.

Have you filled out your jury form yet? (Due BEFORE jur…

Week of March 12

Mark your calendars:

This Friday through Sunday: Murder on the Nile in the Black Box (Recital Credits will be due Friday, March 23)
March 24 @ 2pm: Marcus, Dayela & Rayven's Senior Recital
March 25 @ 3pm: Tassy, Carter & Cayla's Senior Recital
March 25 @ 5pm: Jessica Reese, Taijah, Shelby & Diane's Senior Recital
April 17: Spring Vocal Concert: It's Elemental!

Performance juries will happen in all classes on Monday, March 19. We're going to try something new this year for your juries which we will explain in classes. Plan to bring a [charged!] phone that has a least a little bit of storage space. And [PLOT TWIST!] performance attire will not be required. 

Your written jury will be sometime during the window of March 21 -28. We will not announce the specific day, be prepared to take your written jury at any point during that window. 


Performance jury rubric

Vocab Review S…

Week of March 5

CONGRATULATIONS!!! LGPE is OVER and you NAILED IT!! We are SO proud of the work of all three groups in performance, sight-reading and clinics and hope that you are, likewise, proud of yourselves. You did SO well!

IF YOU HAVEN'T TURNED IN YOUR ROBE & MUSIC YOU MUST DO SO TOMORROW (MONDAY). We'll start docking LGPE grades on Tuesday. This includes All State Music!!! Everything is due MONDAY.

Now it's time for juries and spring concert prep! Read on for more info:

Spring Concert **DATE CHANGE: the spring concert will be held on TUESDAY APRIL 17** Mark your calendars and spread the word to families and friends! Email Dr. Woolf ASAP if you have a conflict with this change of concert date.

The spring concert theme is the elements: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. We'll start working on rep this week in all classes - stay tuned for a full rep list for the spring concert coming soon!!

Juries Seniors can stop reading this part 😊  Freshmen (andwomen), sophomores & juniors yo…

Week of Feb. 26

I hope you had a restful break!!! Now it's time to hit the ground running

This week: LGPE is on THURSDAY. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday's classes will be dedicated to LGPE rehearsal.

Here's a letter about LGPE that we will send home Monday and request that you return to us TUESDAY. Want to get ahead of the curve? Print it out and bring a signed form in tomorrow!!

LGPE Info Letter

Which bus am I riding to Lassiter on? 

(Rayven, Cayla, Tassy, Jessica, Eugene, Sammy, Hoke & Theo - we'll give you your assignment to work on during class time on Monday & Tuesday. You should be able to complete the assignment during class time. If you know that you won't be in class on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, email me and I'll send you the assignment. It'll be due by the end of class Wednesday.)

NOTE: with exception of the above students who have already worked out an assignment with DW, all students are expected to be present for LGPE on Thursday. Just like on concert d…