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Beginning of year!

Now that you've memorized the placement lists, how about getting started on the workshop concert literature? And giving us some information about you?

Note: Student Info forms are due by Friday, Aug 11. Those who do not submit this form may not have their names included in the concert programs this year!!

Vocal Concentration
Students and parents should sign up for Reminds by texting @VOCCON to 810-10.
Fill out this form so that we can get some info from you & your parents:

Take me to the info form!!

What will I need this year?

A journal (composition notebook) for class notes. You'll need to keep up with this throughout the year and it will be your study guide for finals at the end of the semesterPencils for rehearsal and class workConcert attire!For women, this means black dress slacks, black closed-toed shoes. Flat shoes preferred. Top may be any color. NOTE: DRESS SLACKS DO NOT include jeans, leggings or jeggings. Slacks should be fitted at the waist and have a wide leg at …